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Cornerstone Collaborative

An Innovative

Socio-Economic Community Ecosystem

Eliminating Poverty & Violence

through Networked Community Development

Across Texas

Cornerstone Collaborative Texas provides undeserved communities access to resources and training to reduce human suffering and increase one's ability to acquire basic human needs.




El Paso


Fort Worth


San Antonio

Our People

... love building community

(COL (Ret.) Lawrence X. Henry, Ph.D

Executive Director

[email protected]


(COL (Ret.) Lawrence X. Henry, Ph.D., is the Executive Director of Cornerstone Collaborative Texas, and its mission is to provide programs focused on enabling marginalized populations to achieve basic human needs. Before becoming the Executive Director for Texas, Dr. Lawrence served over 26 years in the United States Army, 20 as a Special Forces Officer (The Green Berets). He functioned in various command and staff positions in this capacity and is a Veteran of Operations Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) and Iraqi Freedom (Iraq). Dr. Lawrence retired from the military, as a Colonel, in 2020. 

Given his passion for enabling others to address intractable disputes, identify shared interests, create opportunities, and transform relationships to generate consensus, Dr. Lawrence established Core 90 Networks: Transforming the World through Strategic Options. As the President and Chief Executive Officer of Core 90 Networks, he focuses on strategic solutions to contemporary conflict. He has been a panelist on several forums focused on violence and the challenges marginalized communities – namely Black Women – face when disclosing sexual victimization. Dr. Lawrence is also the Director of the Strategic Planning and Development Department for the Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.

Dr. Lawrence holds a Bachelor of Science from East Stroudsburg University (PA) in Speech Communications. He is a graduate of the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, Ca, earning a Master of Science in Defense Analysis. Dr. Lawrence is a graduate of the United States Army War College-earning another Master’s degree in Strategic Studies with a certification in National Security Policies. He earned an advanced certification and a Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from Nova Southeastern University.

A Bridge to Light Program

It appears that the rate of incarcerated youth, ranging from ages 10-17, continues to increase due to involvement with, factors such as gang-related activity, illicit drug offenses, multiple forms of violence, sexual misconduct, and running away from home. Many justice-involved youths are mentally and/ or physically disabled and experience (while in the care of the state) unsanitary conditions, extreme violence, and in some cases, inadequate medical support. These conditions, in many instances, fail to establish and maintain environments for rehabilitation and decrease recidivism. 

A Bridge to Light shows a “pathway” for justice-involved individuals from the detention center to rehabilitation, reduced recidivism, and a sense of empowerment and purpose. To affect this transformation, Cornerstone Collaborative Texas works with state policymakers to incentivize justice-involved individuals to practice the following: addressing conflict (i.e., conflict management, resolution, and transformation), developing and maintaining a strategic planning cycle, and participating in restorative justice settings. Learning and applying the proceeding skillsets will reduce recidivism, young adult violence, and destructive behavior.

Addressing Trauma experienced by Black Military Veterans

Many combat veterans of color, regardless of gender, enter military service with pre-existing traumas linked to cultural and/ or social environments or incidents. These traumas, coupled with exposure to specialized military ordeals in peace and wartime settings, could create unique dilemmas for clinicians unfamiliar with these pre-established issues. These issues can create barriers that enable violence and prevent therapists from uncovering and treating military-related traumas. With this understanding, Cornerstone Collaborative Texas aims to provide specially tailored and culturally sensitive counselors to assist our veterans on the road to recovery by uncovering and addressing problems before entering the military. Doing this will create unhindered pathways to address military Post-traumatic stress disorders and/ or some Traumatic brain injuries, facilitate more safe and more secure living conditions for the veteran and their neighbors, increase quality of life and decrease unexpected violent episodes.

Black Women’s Health and Wellness

Black women are often overlooked and psychologically, socially, and sexually abused. Cognizant of this reality, Cornerstone Collaborative Texas focuses on a personalized approach to Black women's mental, physical, spiritual, and sexual wellness, acquisition of human needs, and empowerment. Cornerstone endeavors to host a series of self-improvement workshops, guest speakers’ series, employment fairs, the effects of the imposter syndrome, intersectionality, and structural violence, entrepreneur seminars, and early motherhood and womanhood training classes. This programming not only highlights obstacles Black women commonly face but will identify solutions that could increase mental, financial, and social health (a state of being) and wellness (the state of living a healthy lifestyle).